Are the Desperate Housewives Going too Far?


Desperate times call for desperate measures but in the wake of a devastating tornado, the women of Wisteria Lane may be crossing a line.

Lynette: Grateful to Ida, who sacrificed herself to save her family, Lynette swaps the ashes in Ida’s urn with the dust in a vacuum cleaner in order to fulfill the former female ball player’s wishes of being scattered in a ballpark.

Bree: When a gay and heartbroken contractor backs out of the deal, Bree — who’s squatting with Susan — tries to “pimp out” her son Andrew, hoping that he’ll get back to fixing her roof and she can go home.

Susan: Happy to have homemaker Bree around to cook and clean for her while Mike’s in rehab, Susan decides to spoil Bree’s plan and crashes a dinner party with awkward comments about Andrew’s taste in men.

Gabby: After she finds out that she won’t have access to Victor’s estate, Gabby crashes another funeral in an effort to locate the precious papers for Carlos’s Cayman Islands accounts.

Tell us: Which housewife is going to far?


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