By People Staff
Updated March 03, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT/Landov

After winning his eighth career Olympic medal in Vancouver Saturday, making him the most decorated U.S. Winter Games athlete of all time, short track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno is making a stop on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to call another event in which he was a champ — Dancing With the Stars.

Ohno, who won the mirror-ball trophy in 2007 with partner Julianne Hough, has called the 10th season, which begins March 22, in favor of a fellow Olympian, gold medal-winning ice skater Evan Lysacek.

“Between, what is it, Pam Anderson and Evan Lysacek?” Ohno tells Leno. “Pam Anderson, she’s a little top-heavy. I think Evan is going to do very well. Plus, he’s an Olympic medalist!”

About his own experience on DWTS, Ohno told PEOPLE before going to the Olympics that “my experience on the show was amazing, and all my friends, who are still competing on the show, from producers to the staff there, it was like a small family and I really, really enjoyed my time there. I was really lucky to be a part of a really cool group of , you know?”

While he carries his most recent medals with him, Ohno also has plans for where to store his mirror-ball trophy. “It’s actually with my dad in Seattle right now,” Ohno explained, “but we’re planning to get it back out here in Park City, Utah, so I can display it prominently when you walk in the door.” Dreaming even further, Ohno joked, “we can have it electromagnetically levitating above the dining room table when you come in! Either that, or have it pimp my ride, throw it into the backseat of my car, all lit up and everything!” –Cynthia Wang