Anthony Anderson Catches Ride Home from Best Buy with Strangers: 'No Idea Who These People Are'

"If I don't make it back to the set of Law & Order, call the police. This is what they look like!" Anthony Anderson joked

Anthony Anderson
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Anthony Anderson had quite the adventure getting home from Best Buy.

On Instagram Monday, the 51-year-old actor and comedian shared a hilarious clip of himself riding in the car with complete strangers after purchasing new televisions for his new apartment in New York City over the weekend. Anderson said he walked to the store and realized there that he had no way to transport the bulky electronics back to his new place.

"This brother Alex was ahead of me in line so I asked if he would drive me to my place and he agreed," the Law & Order star wrote in the caption. "What he didn't tell me was that he had someone in the car and that it was full of work equipment. But we made it work! Just another one for the books!"

In the minute-long video, Anderson filmed himself in the driver's seat, while Alex sat on the lap of the other passenger, named Charm.

"I have no idea who these people are, but I'm driving the vehicle right now because I just went to Best Buy to buy some TVs for my new place in New York and he offered to drive me home and didn't tell me he had a friend in the car, " Anderson said, showing Alex and Charm in the passenger seat together, laughing.

"Not only am I driving their car. What you need to see if that I am driving, but the car is in reverse!" the Black-ish star continued, panning the camera to the dashboard.

"Those are my TVs in the back as you can see right there. If I don't make it back to the set of Law & Order, call the police," he joked. "This is what they look like!"

"What's your name again?" Charm asked, as Alex laughed and laughed.

Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson/Instagram

"They know my name, Charm!" Anderson playfully exclaimed of his followers.

In February, the actor addressed discussed his return to Law & Order during an appearance on PEOPLE (The TV Show!). The star said he approached creator Dick Wolf about reprising his original role of Detective Kevin Bernard in the upcoming revival.

"We were, you know, we were two weeks out from ending our show Black-ish. They made the announcement that Law & Order was coming back. So, I picked up the phone and called Dick Wolf up and said, Hey Dick, is it true?' " he told correspondent Segun Oduolowu.

"He said, 'It is.' I was like, 'Well, you know, I'm a free agent as of Nov. 19th,'" Anderson explained. "And [Wolf] was like, 'Anthony, you have no idea how happy this phone call makes me.' "

From there, Anderson was on set to start filming less than a month later.

"I'm back in the shoes of Detective Kevin Bernard, doing what we do best: solving crimes, ripped from the headlines," he added.

Anderson originally appeared in 50 episodes during the crime procedural's final seasons from 2008 to 2010 before went off the air at the end of its 20th season. He had also appeared on Law & Order: SVU season 7 as another detective — Elliot Stabler's temporary partner Lucius Blaine.

New episodes of Law & Order air at 8 p.m. ET Thursdays on NBC.

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