Annie Murphy Reveals She Once Licked Chris Martin's Sweat Off Her Hand at a Coldplay Concert

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy played a game of True Confessions during a Tonight Show appearance this week 

Annie Murphy has revealed herself to be somewhat of a Coldplay superfan.

The Schitt's Creek actress, 34, made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and played a game of True Confessions with the host and fellow guest Seth Meyers.

When it was her turn, Murphy said she "once licked Chris Martin's sweat off my own hand," and it was up to Fallon and Meyers to figure out whether her story about the Coldplay frontman, 44, was true.

"Is this post-celebrity for you?" Meyers asked after Murphy said it occurred at a concert.

"Pre-celebrity, like 10 years ago," the Canadian actress clarified.

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annie murphy, chris martin
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Fallon, 46, then quizzed her on her Coldplay knowledge. "Coldplay fan?" he said. "Throw some songs out."

Murphy named a few songs, "Fix You," "The Scientist," and "Yellow," as well as "the one that goes…" (she proceeded to hum "Viva la Vida").

"And how did you end up touching Chris Martin?" Fallon followed up.

Murphy said she was in the third row at the concert when Martin came down from the stage to where fans were seated.

"So he's doing crowd work, he's going 'Montreal, I love you guys, you guys are the best'" Fallon clarified, doing his best impression of the British rocker. "You're moving your eyes like 'hey make eye contact with me,' and grabbed him and he pulled away and then you had his sweat on your hand."

Murphy confirmed Fallon's recounting before he concluded, "Your immediate reaction was to lick it off?"

annie murphy

"You were worried something would happen, security would run over and wipe the sweat off?" Meyers, 47, asked.

"Yes, before I was able to ingest it!" the Kevin Can F*** Himself star said, adding that afterwards her friends "looked at me with pride and disgust."

"Was there an awkwardness after the fact that you hadn't saved any licks for them?" Meyers said, while she joked, "That might be why we don't speak anymore."

After Meyers and Fallon guessed correctly that the story was true, Murphy explained her thinking behind the impromptu moment.

"It was something that was — I didn't plan it, it was just a voice in my head that was like 'you need to do it' and I did it, and I love Coldplay as much as the rest of us…." she said, though Meyers added, "You like 'em a little bit more."

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