The star of the USA Network's new murder mystery delves into motherhood and more
Credit: Virginia Sherwood/USA

USA’s new archaeological miniseries Dig is drawing comparisons to Harrison Ford‘s classic Indiana Jones series – so did Anne Heche pull out her inner Indy for the role?

“It’s very Indiana Jones! He kicks butt; so does [costar] Jason Isaacs. I do, too. People die all over the place,” the actress, 45, tells PEOPLE of her latest project.

Now that she’s got some butt-kicking experience under her belt via the Jerusalem-set conspiracy theory thriller, would Heche’s kids say she’s a cool mom?

“I don’t know how cool it is, but on Saturday morning you will catch me on the couch with my kids playing LEGO Star Wars,” Heche says of Homer, 13, and Atlas, 5, her sons with husband (and Revenge star) James Tupper. “Oh, I’m good. If they get stuck, they’re like, ‘Mom, get in here!’ I can clear the levels.”

While she’s got some mad video game skills, Heche’s connections have been a hit with her kids, too. When she was producing Bad Judge, the NBC sitcom taped near her family’s favorite The Voice.

“My friend does Gwen Stefani‘s makeup, and Homer said, ‘Why don’t we bring him pizza?’ So we got in my golf cart and ran over, and as we were giving him pizza, up comes Pharrell!” says Heche.

“Literally my boy turned around and went, ‘Oh my God.’ Pharrell was so sweet and kind and adorable – [he] told Homer he was going to call him his homie,” she adds. “He lit up my son’s face and took pictures with him and everything.”

She says, “So that was a special moment all because my son wanted to give my makeup artist some pizza. That’s karmic payback. You wanted to do someone a favor, and you got to meet Pharrell. That’s awesome!”

Dig premieres Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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