"She as sitting right there and instead I let her walk out that studio door and out of my life," says Meyers before running after Hathaway to ask her one final question

There’s nothing quite like a happy ending.

After Seth Meyers wrapped his interview with guest Anne Hathaway on Late Night Thursday night, he couldn’t help but feel like there was still one last thing he needed to ask her.

“You know I had one last question I wanted to ask her, something that was on my mind from the second I laid my eyes on her,” he explained to the audience. “She as sitting right there and instead I let her walk out that studio door and out of my life.”

But with the encouragement of two cameras guys and one very aggressive producer, Meyers decided he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to ask Hathaway one more question.

And thus, the ending scene of any good romantic comedy ensues.

Meyers hurdles over one cliché after another – like a man wearing a wig that looks like Hathaway’s hair, a run-in with a creepy maintenance worker, and of course, thunder and rain – before he can finally catch Hathaway right as she’s about to leave.

“Anne don’t go,” Meyers says to Hathaway who turns to find the talk-show host standing behind her holding flowers. “There’s something I have to ask you.”

“Then ask it,” she urges him.

After he pleads his case with her about how he’s an “Academy Award-winning actor” or some “dog walker to the stars,” he finally asks the actress what has been on his mind all night.

“You were excellent in the Off-Broadway play Grounded – is returning to the theater something you’d like to do in the future?”

After she answers confirming that she would, in fact, take on another Broadway role given the right opportunity, he finally slips in one last question.

“Was Robert De Niro a prankster on set?”

While it’s unclear if that will be the next “Will you wait for me?” line, it seems close enough.