Wintour describes interacting with tourists and why she and Kanye are such good friends
Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty


editor Anna Wintour‘s been a fashion icon and magnate for so long that it can be hard to remember that she’s not just a force of pure aesthetic majesty behind some really large sunglasses.

But she visited Seth Meyers on Late Night Wednesday and talked about her experiences during the Met Gala, giving us all a glimpse into the woman behind the shades.

Wintour describes running into tourists taking pictures of the Met Gala exhibit before it opened, something that as it turns out, is expressly forbidden. So she – in her words – performed a “sweep” of the area, asking them to leave. She almost says, “not very politely,” when describing exactly how she told them to leave, but catches herself at the last minute.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wintour describes why she’s such good friends with Kanye West. Basically, he likes to talk, and she likes to listen. Aww.