A Simple Favor hits theaters Friday


Anna Kendrick is crashing her costar Blake Lively‘s impeccable home.

PEOPLE has the exclusive sneak peek of Josh Horowitz’s new scripted comedy sketch series on Comedy Central, where the ladies of A Simple Favor take on a parody of their Paul Feig-directed thriller.

“Is this your house?” a puzzled Horowitz asks a straight-faced Kendrick after finding photos of Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds displayed around the house.

“Of course it is,” says the Pitch Perfect star, 33, before an unanswered phone call leads to a voicemail intro.

“Hey, you’ve reached the Reynolds,” the message says aloud in Lively’s voice. “We’re away for the next month and our house is entirely locked up. No one’s there, no one’s checking voicemails or anything so sorry if it takes us a while to get back to you. Take care, bye bye!”

Anna Kendrick

A Simple Favor stars Kendrick as Stephanie, a mommy vlogger who attempts to figure out why and how her best friend Emily (Lively, 31) went missing. In the process, she discovers Emily isn’t exactly who she said she was.

“Our movie is all about appearances being not what they seem and so we loved the idea of playing with the concept of ‘It’s not what you think.’ And I think these morphing photos do this in the most fun way possible,” Feig previously teased to PEOPLE about his new film.

A Simple Favor hits theaters Friday.

After Hours with Josh Horowitz airs Thursdays on Comedy Central’s YouTube and Facebook Watch pages.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Joe Manganiello and Night School‘s Taran Killam, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish are expected to make cameos.