She swapped clogs for heels to please her viewers, "but I'm still going to be me," she says

By Alison Schwartz
Updated August 10, 2012 09:30 AM
Peter Kramer/NBC

When the Today show cameras were rolling, Ann Curry shined with her prowess for asking the right questions and reporting the facts.

But could she pick out the right outfit in the morning?

“One day, I wore a multicolored dress, and someone asked if I was trying to be Toucan Sam,” Curry, 55, tells Ladies’ Home Journal in an interview conducted just before she announced her departure from the NBC morning show in June. “But I chose it because I thought, ‘This will perk up America.’ ”

She took pleasing her viewers to new heights, after all – and this meant ditching her clogs and flats.

“I’m encouraged by my bosses to wear these ridiculously high-heeled shoes because women say, ‘I love your shoes!’ So if it makes women happy, I’ll wear them,” adds Curry, who still reports for the network. “But I’m still going to be me.”

And although she made a few fashion fixes, the TV journalist did indeed stay true to herself, as promised.

“I’ve decided not to buy into the idea that I want to stop aging. My wrinkles connect me to my family, to my ancestors and to my future,” says Curry, who reunited on Thursday with former co-host Matt Lauer for the first time since her emotional exit from Today to cover the London Olympics. “I’ve got cellulite because it runs in my family. I’ve got gray hair because I won’t dye it.”