Five clips that demonstrate Ann B. Davis's unique charm

By Alex Heigl
June 02, 2014 07:40 AM

Television and pop culture fans were saddened to learn Sunday that Ann B. Davis, best known as The Brady Bunch‘s indefatigable housekeeper Alice, died at the age of 88 after a fall in her Pennsylvania home.

Fortunately, bereft fans can take solace in the fact that The Brady Bunch will likely be in syndication until the end of time. To that end, here are five clips that show Davis at her best in the role of Alice, the housekeeper everyone wanted in their lives, whether they knew it or not.

Alice tells the family she has to leave to take care of her sick aunt. “Some of the happiest moments of my life have been spent right here in this house,” she tells the Bradys, echoing the sentiments of a generation that grew up with the show.

Words of wisdom.

The odd Alice-centric episode let Davis use her charm to flesh out Alice, and turn her into more of a three-dimensional character with her own relationships and life outside of the family.

Of course, Davis was also a gifted physical comedian, a side of her talent the show often let her express.

It’s hard not to react like the Brady kids when confronted with another housekeeper in the kitchen. Fortunately, Alice never stayed away too long.

As one YouTube commenter puts it, “Sorry that you had to leave us, Alice.”

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