March 11, 2014 10:00 AM

Andy Samberg should’ve guessed what he was getting into by inviting David Copperfield to his bachelor party last year.

Copperfield’s present to Samberg came up when Samberg visited Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday. Last year, Samberg married his longtime girlfriend, musician Joanna Newsom, and Meyers attended his bachelor party. So did the magician, who brought Samberg a large present, which he made “levitate” in photos.

The fact that the present was floating at waist height did not escape Samberg: “He was either using magic to make it float, or he’s hung like a rhinoceros,” the comedian joked, alluding to Samberg’s famous 2006 Saturday Night Live sketch “D— in a Box.”

Watch Meyers and Samberg speculate on just how Copperfield pulled off the stunt in the clip above.

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