Andy Cohen Opens Up About Dating After Welcoming Son Ben: 'Now There's an Endgame'

Andy Cohen tells PEOPLE his dating criteria has changed since becoming a father

Andy Cohen x Sant and Abel
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Navigating the dating world has become a little more complicated for Andy Cohen in recent years.

Cohen, 53, opens up to PEOPLE about how his dating life has changed since welcoming son Benjamin Allen, 2, in 2019, saying the stakes are "absolutely" higher now that he is a father.

"Now there's an endgame," he says, noting that he has more than just himself to consider when choosing a potential partner. "Are you going to be a good stepfather? It's changed everything."

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So what does the Watch What Happens Live host look for in a relationship?

"I like very independent people who have their own things going with their own lives, who are very strong in their belief systems," he explains. "That's very attractive to me."

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Cohen is currently the host of Peacock's newest series Ex-Rated, in which contestants face candid feedback from their exes.

"You get to hear straight from contestants' exes, and they use the information to make themselves better at dating — and in bed. I love how sex-positive the show is," says Cohen. "You can't turn away!"

And while Cohen is still on the hunt for "the one," he says he would be curious to know how he'd fare if his exes scored him in different relationship categories.

"I'm dying for my exes to fill out the survey to see how I scored! The show makes you want to put yourself in other people's positions and say, 'What would people say about me?' It's really made me wonder how I would be rated in certain categories," he says.

All eight episodes of Ex-Rated are now streaming on Peacock.

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