Andy Cohen Had His First Date Since Becoming a Father — and It Didn't Go Well

"It was bad," Andy Cohen of one moment on the date. "I was not happy about it. I was embarrassed."

Nearly two months after welcoming his son Benjamin Allen, Bravo’s Andy Cohen went out on his first date — and it wasn’t exactly a love connection.

The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host, 50, revealed details of the outing on Wednesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show. He had previously been set up with Stern show staffer Chris Wilding, and was returning to the SiriusXM program to fill the shock jock in on how their date went.

The two met up for a drink on March 19 at the popular midtown eatery The Monkey Bar. And while Wilding was “looking for romance,” Cohen said he had already friend-zoned him before their date.

“I said to him right at the beginning, ‘I am here because I want to be your friend.’ I was upfront. I just felt like I wanted to have a drink with this guy. I wanted to get to know him,” Cohen said. “I clearly went into this with a different feeling than Chris did.”

To help, Cohen even offered to set Wilding up with a few of his friends, including his longtime masseuse.

“I wanted to be clear with you in the beginning because you were in a position where you deserved that,” Cohen told Wilding, who was in the studio as he recounted their date. “I set you up with someone who I thought was a great catch, and I still do!”

Chris Wilding and Andy Cohen. The Howard Stern Show

As nice as it was, Wilding wasn’t impressed.

He chastised Cohen, not only for shutting down their romantic prospects so fast, but also for showing up 15 minutes late to the date, not giving him his phone number, getting too intoxicated, and seeming distracted while they were talking.

“I didn’t expect him to be so drunk,” Wilding said on The Howard Stern Show. “He was looking off into the ether, looking at his phone. He was zoning…[like] when you’re speaking to someone and they’re not giving you a nonverbal cue or nodding their head. I felt self-conscious because I felt like I was really not wowing this guy.” [And then] we were talking and Andy took out his phone and said, ‘Is it rude that I’m ordering a Lyft while I’m talking to you?’ ”

“It was a very odd date,” Wilding added. “If it was a date with a ‘civilian,’ I would say it went very poorly. The fact that it was Andy, it was very cool. I do like Andy. The date is just a little sloppy.”

Today - Season 66
Andy Cohen. Nathan Congleton/NBC/Getty Images

Cohen owned up to his mistakes, especially the drinking.

He told Stern that before his date with Wilding, he had a full day — which included guest-hosting the fourth hour Today show, having lunch at the Palm, going to work event at the top of the Rock, and catching up with his best friend for dinner at the Polo Lounge.

That dinner was particularly problematic for Cohen, considering he drank two tequilas and ate only salad and caviar.

“That was a very long day. … I was super buzzed when I showed up… I had had two tequilas, I had a little bit of an edible. … And I left drunk,” Cohen recalled on Stern. “[When I went to leave], I felt like I was checking myself. I actually felt tipsy at that point… In my mind, I was like, ‘I need to remove myself before this goes off the rails.’ Clearly, in your mind, it had already gone off the rails but I was actually trying to protect myself at that point.”

On the way out, Cohen actually walked into the glass door at the restaurant, he remembered. “It was bad,” Cohen said. “I was not happy about it. I raced into the Lyft from there. I was embarrassed.”

While it wasn’t a match, Cohen still insisted he enjoyed his time with Wilding — and even explained that he showed the Stern Show writer a live-feed of a sleeping baby Ben.

“I thought we had a nice chat. I’m sorry to hear that we didn’t,” Cohen said. “Aloof as I may have been once or twice, I thought we had a nice talk. I really got to know you. I asked you a million questions. I talked to you a lot about you. I really actually did feel like I was very attentive to you.”

“I shouldn’t have come lit up,” Cohen continued. “I’m aware that I came in buzzed. I’m aware that at one point it shifted and it notched up to me. So I’m aware of those things. I own everything else you are saying. I’m owning. I don’t want to sit here and defend having tequilas on an empty stomach. It’s not necessarily the greatest moment in my life.”

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Andy Cohen. Mike Coppola/Getty Images

All in all, Cohen was happy to have gotten back out into the dating world. “It’s the first time I’ve been out with someone since I had a child,” Cohen said.

And bad as it was, it hasn’t stopped Cohen’s quest for love. “I did have a date last week,” Cohen told Stern. “It was like a 45-minute date. I showed up stone cold sober. The guy was not into me. I thought he was interesting, but he was very not into me.”

Back in February, Cohen told PEOPLE that his approach to dating would likely shift a bit, now that he’s a father and has a child’s interest to take into account.

“I think that I will probably be looking for different types of guys,” said Cohen, who split from boyfriend Clifton Dassuncao last March. “I’ll be looking for guys you want to bring home to Mom or bring home to your son.”

“It’s not going to be a revolving door of ‘This is your new uncle,’ ” he joked.

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