"Ben is sleeping, and I'm bored, so what else am I supposed to do?" Andy Cohen joked when he shared the sexy photos

New Years Eve NYC 2018
Anderson Cooper (right) hosting New Year's Eve 2018 with pal Andy Cohen.
| Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Watch out, Andy Cohen, because Anderson Cooper is coming for you.

One day after Cohen, 52, shared two shirtless shots of Cooper, 53, on his Instagram page, the CNN anchor playfully vowed to seek revenge.

"I don’t know how. I don’t know when. But I will get @bravoandy back fo all this,” Cooper posted on his Instagram Story.

Cohen then re-shared Cooper’s post, adding an GIF of himself laughing.

On Tuesday, Cohen posted the cheeky photos of his longtime friend.

Anderson Cooper
Credit: Anderson Cooper/Instagram

"If it were a normal year, I’d be on vacation with my pal...threatening to post shirtless pics of him," Cohen captioned the pictures. "Well, it’s 2020 and I’m sitting on my deck so I figured I’d just post without asking and piss him off! #SilverFox."

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In one of the photos, Cooper is seen standing shirtless in a field with a yellow flower tucked behind his ear. In the second, he looks at the camera while holding a towel while standing on a boat.

On his Instagram Stories, Cohen joked that "Anderson is so pissed at me" for sharing the pictures.

"Listen, I'm just sitting here, bored under a blanket," the Bravo star said in a video. "All that's here is Ben's little drum set. Ben is sleeping, and I'm bored, so what else am I supposed to do?"

"I've got Ben and Housewives cuts to watch," he continued with a shrug. "Maybe I'll post more shirtless pictures of Anderson."