Anderson Cooper is "dreading New Year's Eve already" thanks to Kathy Griffin

By Char Adams
December 05, 2016 02:25 PM

Kathy Griffin is “always plotting” to embarrass Anderson Cooper.

In an upcoming appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, Griffin tells the host how fame has landed her superstar friends like Gloria Vanderbilt, giving her the perfect opportunity to dig up some dirt on the CNN anchor.

“Now, I go to her apartment and I riffle through his drawers from his, like, childhood bedroom. And I get dirt on him from when he was a child,” she reveals. “There’s this one thing I found, it’s called The Book of Me, and it’s a book he filled out all about himself.”

Credit: Cristina Aguirre/NBC

However, Cooper turns the tables on Griffin, appearing on the show via Skype to defend himself.

“Stop! Stop! You do not talk about The Book of Me,” Cooper says, prompting applause from the audience. “You know what? I file so many lawsuits against Kathy Griffin, and now I’m just going to add more material.”

He goes on to explain the infamous book.

“It’s a Dr. Seuss book for, like, a 3-year-old child. Yes, when I was 3,” he says. The childhood book wasn’t all the comedian had on Cooper, though.

“You were also catalogue modeling! He used to be a catalogue model,” she says. “That’s what he spends most of his time doing, and then a little news on the side.”

Thanks to the comedian’s tricky ways, Cooper jokingly says he isn’t looking forward to their annual appearance together on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live special.

“I’m just dreading New Year’s Eve already,” he says.