'And Just Like That...' Showrunner Talks 'Evolution' of Carrie Bradshaw Going Forward After Loss

Michael Patrick King teased the "significant, challenging emotional relationship" Carrie Bradshaw will have in the remainder of And Just Like That...

and just like that
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This article contains spoilers from the first two episodes of And Just Like That...

The Sex and the City revival And Just Like That... kicked off with a death and a funeral, which will have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the series.

Showrunner Michael Patrick King, who wrote and directed the revival's first two episodes, spoke with reporters on Friday and teased what's next for Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw following the death of her husband John James Preston a.k.a. Big (Chris Noth).

"That storyline affects the entire series," King said, according to Deadline, also teasing that "it creates a giant hole" for the characters going forward.

For the remainder of the 10-episode revival, Carrie will be a widow who is rediscovering herself in the city, with the help of her friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis).

As seen in the second episode, Miranda and Charlotte have been taking turns supporting Carrie after Big suffered a post-Peloton heart attack and collapsed outside the shower.

and just like that
Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Speaking with reporters, King referenced Carrie's storyline in the original HBO series and how the "lack of Big" was what had propelled her to grow as a person and focus on her own life.

"So here we are again and now it's the same thing, she can't have what she thinks she should have, which is Mr. Big," King explained of And Just Like That...

Going forward, the new revival "will be about this significant, challenging emotional relationship that Carrie has with herself, and also the evolution of somebody who's had love and what it does to you," according to King.

and just like that
Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

"Is it better to have loved and lost and never to have loved at all?" he said, noting that "the other evolution is really the friendships and how they are there for you after a death."

King added, "I mean, friendships are really the strongest thing you can have when you go through the worst thing that happens in life, which is death."

New episodes of And Just Like That... stream weekly on HBO Max.

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