The comedian addressed the Cosby sex scandal during a sketch on Tuesday night's Inside Amy Schumer
Credit: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic(2)

Amy Schumer did her best to “defend” disgraced comedian Bill Cosby during a sketch on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, on Tuesday.

In a mock trial in the “Court of Public Opinion,” Schumer played the nostalgia card as defense attorney to Cosby, blaring The Cosby Show theme song and showing clips of his beloved character Dr. Huxtable for the jury.

“I am a good person, I like this good show, and last time I checked, good plus good does not equal guilty,” she says in the clip.

After plying the jury with pudding pops and Cosby’s signature patterned sweaters, she says, “If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show, you might wince a little,” before declaring, “None of us deserve that!”

After chocolate cake arrives to the court room, Schumer seemingly has won the case and is rewarded with a drink from “Mr. Cosby.” She looks skeptically at the clear beverage, before quickly tossing the liquid over her shoulder.

Over 40 women have come forward to accuse Cosby, 77, of drugging and assaulting them over the years. No civil lawsuits or criminal charges have been filed to date, due to the statute of limitations in the various jurisdictions in which the allegations have been made. Cosby is facing a defamation lawsuit from one group of alleged victims, however.

Earlier this week, Schumer drew cheers from the Bachelor Nation after she helped the Bachelorette suitors perform stand-up for Kaitlyn Bristowe. Fans on Twitter loved her appearance so much that they demanded the Trainwreck star become the show’s next Bachelorette!