Donning a short, bobbed wig, Schumer sells guns on a faux-QVC show

The gun control debate is no laughing matter, but Amy Schumer is tackling the controversial subject head-on in an upcoming episode of her Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer.

In a sketch exclusively premiered by Entertainment Weekly, Schumer dons a short, bobbed wig to sell guns for $39.95 on a fictional home shopping network.

Showcasing a handheld weapon, Schumer declares, “This is a no-brainer,” before remarking, “Now, how cute is that?”

The actress and her co-host go on to discreetly highlight current gun laws, telling a caller that he can “absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies – as long as you get it on the Internet or at a gun show.”

After assuring a suspected terrorist on the No Fly List that he, too, can buy a gun, Schumer cues a commercial break, saying, “We’ll be selling United States congressmen and senators whose influence can be purchase for much cheaper than you think.”


The clip concludes with a scrolling list of the top recipients of gun lobby money in U.S. congress as Schumer’s co-host accidentally shoots himself in the foot (NSFW language warning).

Schumer has been a champion for changes to gun control laws in the months since a shooter opened fire at a Louisiana Trainwreck screening last July, killing two women and injuring several others.

The actress teamed up with her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer to urge fans to get involved in stopping gun violence. Viewers can call the phone number in Thursday’s sketch (888-885-4011) to learn more.