"I've asked him, 'Can you just stop?' Because it comes back to me," Schumer told Charlie Rose

By Karen Mizoguchi
August 18, 2016 09:30 PM

Amy Schumer has expressed her disappointment in friend and Inside Amy Schumer writer Kurt Metzger.

Though Schumer explained that Metzger’s “out-there male perspective” is a “great” contribution to her Comedy Central show, she wants “online trollers” and fans to not “attach” her to his recent Facebook rant about rape.

In a recent statement posted to Facebook, Metzger clarified his earlier comments. “My point, which I could have made more tactfully, was this: Why did the story of what actually happened come out AFTER this guy is declared a rapist?” he wrote. “I will listen to ANY victim’s account. All that was given initially is ‘psssst Aaron’s a rapist pass it on.’ My point was that no one seems disturbed by this. No one sees that down the road, next time we might get it wrong.”

Earlier, Schumer told Charlie Rose about being associated with Metzger’s rant, “That is not representative of me at all.” She added, “I’ve asked him, ‘Can you just stop?’ Because it comes back to me. Because he writes for the show, it’s a bigger story, because of our connection.”

Adding, “Whatever tangent he’s gone off on, I have not agreed, and it’s been really upsetting to me seeing someone that I care about hurt themselves like this.”

Schumer clarified that Inside Amy Schumer will return eventually, and that Metzger has not been fired amid the backlash of his Facebook post.

“Right now there are no plans for the TV show to come back in the near future, so nobody is on my staff,” Schumer shared. “There are no writers. People, they want his head; they want to burn him at the stake. I want them to not attach me to what he’s writing.”

Rather, Schumer urges everyone to focus on “the real problem, which is people understanding about rape. What’s consensual and what’s not.”

She concluded: “Let’s focus on actually getting the problem done. I was sexually assaulted. I have encouraged women to come out… I want men to hear what happened so that there’s no confusion, because people have different understandings of what sexual assault is, what rape is. Let’s all get on the same page so that it happens less.”

Schumer’s full interview with Charlie Rose airs on PBS Aug. 19.