Loved her on Sunday's MTV Movie Awards? Get to know the comedian a little bit better

By Diana Pearl
Updated April 13, 2015 12:45 PM
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty

She “killed” Jimmy Kimmel, kissed Amber Rose and made many a NSFW joke at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. Love her or loathe her, Amy Schumer cracked up the star-studded crowd last night – and made herself a household name.

Ever since her Inside Amy Schumer premiered on Comedy Central, she’s been a feminist force in the comedy world. And this summer, she’s going to break onto the movie scene with a starring role in Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck. Ready to get to know her a little better? We’ve got you covered with 12 of her best moments so far.

When She Gave Viewers the Female Answer to Hooters
Inside Amy Schumer has been dubbed the “most feminist show on television,” and the sketches totally prove it. One of the most notable showed Schumer out at a dinner at O’Nutters, a casual eatery that features male waiters in some rather revealing uniforms (sound familiar?).

When She Perfectly Parodied The Newsroom
Aaron Sorkin has won an Oscar and multiple Emmys for his signature style. So where’s Amy’s accolade for her spot-on parody of the The Newsroom, The Foodroom, which takes place inside a faux fast food kitchen?

When She Got the Word ‘Pussy’ On the Air
Until Schumer (and her sexually charged show) came along, if Comedy Central stars uttered the word ‘pussy,’ they’d get bleeped out, even though you could say ‘dick’ without care. Schumer and her show staffers felt this was not only unfair but sexist, and fought to get the word uncensored. They won, and in celebration, cast Schumer in a skit as a dirty animated meerkat.

When She Tackled Military Rape
No topic is too sensitive, outlandish or non-PC for Schumer. One of her most provocative moments was a military rape sketch, in which she played a military video game character who gets raped and is forced to deal with the frustrating aftermath. Not only is the clip outrageous, it does a great job of illustrating the ridiculousness in a real-life scenario.

When She Got Really Real About Her Sex Life
Schumer’s comedy is often sex-focused, and what better material to pull from than real life? In her first original standup special Mostly Sex Stuff, she left no stone unturned while dishing on her slutty friends, one-night stands, bad hookups and way more.

When She Made Fun Of Body Expectations
Schumer’s never been shy about what she thinks of the body image expectations for women, so on a recent visit to Ellen, she put a funny spin on these sentiments, claiming that in L.A., her arms would register as legs.

When She Asked Strangers About Sexy Pics – and Got One of Her Own
Asking strangers about the details of their sexy pics is par for the course for the comedian; however, in this sketch, the teacher becomes the student when Schumer gets a sexy pic of her own – one that she mistakenly thinks is a pug.

When She Had the World’s Worst One-night Stand
She’s all about feminism, which makes Schumer’s portrayal of a woman who takes a one night stand and runs with it (way, way too far – all the way to the church, in fact) all the more hilarious.

When She Talks to God (a.k.a. Paul Giamatti)
When Schumer finds out that a guy she slept with has herpes, she’s quick to call on God to ask for a big favor (to not contract it, of course). What comes next is a hilarious conversation with the one and only man upstairs – played by Giamatti.

When She Played a Commitment-phobe in Trainwreck
If the trailer is any indication, we know it’s going to be good. Later this year, she’ll make her big-screen debut in the Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck, in which she’ll play (opposite SNL‘s Bill Hader) a character named Amy who deals with love, sex and more, all in hilarious fashion, of course.

When She Got Friend-zoned by Anthony Mackie
One of Schumer’s best comedic qualities is her complete willingness to make herself the butt of the joke. She did just that in this promo for the MTV Movie Awards, where she’s out to dinner with Captain America star Anthony Mackie, tries to define their ‘relationship’ and learns about the pair’s relationship status the hard way.

And Her Entire MTV Movie Awards Opening Monologue
Schumer delivered Sunday night, with jokes on current events (Hillary Clinton and One Direction), a little self-targeted humor (joking that her Trainwreck stunt double was a bearded man), and of course, a few jokes that nearly crossed the line (“This is going to be the party of the year I just hope that Harrison Ford doesn’t crash it”). Best of all, she started with a Hunger Games-esque pre scene.

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