It won't be great for JJ, but it'll be great for viewers

Credit: Matt Petit/ABC

Between the boxing and the stand-up comedy, a lot happened on The Bachelorette Monday.

But the key takeaway – other than that having a bunch of dudes hit each other is an awkward way to impress a lady – is that a lot of people really liked Amy Schumer‘s appearance. – and now ABC executive Robert Mills is saying he wants the comedian to be the next lady looking for love on national TV.

Schumer, it seems, is totally down.

[IMAGE “1” “” “std” ]But back to Monday’s episode: Schumer, ostensibly on hand to help the male contestants perform stand-up comedy on the second group date, spent most of her time making fun of JJ …

… which has led to a campaign to have ABC either keep her on staff as a running commentator …

… or just have her become the next Bachelorette in general.

Which is an idea we can get behind – who wants to get #DraftAmy going in the direction of ABC’s Twitter?

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