Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Reveal the One Thing They'd Do Differently at Their Wedding

The couple's Aug. 28 wedding will be featured in a two-hour Little People, Big World special airing Tuesday on TLC

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek's late summer wedding went off without a hitch — but looking back, there is one thing the bride would have done differently.

"I think the wedding day, for me, turned out perfectly," the Little People, Big World star, 56, tells PEOPLE exclusively ahead of her and Marek's two-hour wedding special, Amy & Chris's Happily Ever After, airing Tuesday on TLC. "It was decorated just like I wanted it to."

But Roloff, who wed Marek, 55, on Aug. 28 at Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon, does say she would "focus more" on herself and her husband if a do-over was an option.

"Even though we had our family and friends and stuff like that [there], they're there for us," she says. "I don't need to cater to that. I need to cater, probably, a little bit more to Chris and I."

Amy Roloff wedding
Monique Serra

As for Marek, he says he would have given himself more downtime on the day of the ceremony.

"Amy did most of all the work, so there isn't really anything that I had to do or would do differently, except that I regret that I didn't get more time to relax before the ceremony," he says. "I was still working up a sweat just getting ready for the ceremony that day. I was still picking up items and running to the farm and getting things set up. The ceremony started at three. I wasn't even able to get cleaned up and show up at the farm until two o'clock! I still had to change into my suit, so I was pushing it."

That said, the newlyweds are both in agreement that the wedding was a total hit. And Roloff's favorite moment was a special one indeed.

"When I walked out of the barn door and saw [my] dad sitting there," she recalls. "It was a warm afternoon and so he wasn't sure whether he'd walk me down the full length or halfway [amid his recent health issues]. I looked at him sitting there, waiting for me to come to him. Then when I met up with him, my eyes went directly to Chris and his handsomeness in that suit. It was like the people [around us] faded away."

amy roloff wedding
Monique Serra

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Marek remembers how "gorgeous" Roloff was in her gown. He was also "grateful" that her dad was able to walk her down the aisle, saying, "Not too many guys my age get to still have the father of the bride give her away."

"He gave a nice, short little speech when he got up to me, when he handed her over. It was special," he continues. "I'm glad I got to have that connection, that moment with him."

Now, Roloff and Marek have truly entered marital bliss.

"Married life is going great. Chris and I have known each other for five years, and we've been engaged for ... a little over two years. I think it just solidified everything when we got married and said, 'I do,'" she says. "It just brought it all together and reaffirmed what we already hoped for and knew. And here we are."

Marek says it feels "like a weight [has] lifted" off the couple. "We got past the wondering stage. 'Are we doing the right thing?' But now that we've done it, there is no more wondering," he says.

"We're still in that fun stage, too," he adds. "We're leaving on our honeymoon [to Maui, Hawaii] next week. So we're having fun getting ready for that!"

Little People, Big World: Amy & Chris's Happily Ever After airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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