Lou Rocco/ABC
November 22, 2013 05:30 PM

Good Morning America correspondent Amy Robach announced Friday that while her breast cancer prognosis is “good,” her doctor found a second, undetected malignancy during surgery last week.

“No MRI, no mammogram, no sonogram had found it,” she says in a statement. “My cancer had spread to my sentinel lymph node, but not beyond, so I will have more treatments ahead of me, but none that will take me out of work.”

Robach, who still plans to return to the show on Dec. 2, thanked her ABC colleagues.

“Physically and emotionally I have been through the ringer, but I am emerging on the other side so much stronger,” she says. “I have a greater appreciation for life, for health and for how such simple acts of kindness can be so incredibly powerful.”

It was in fact one of her colleagues, anchor Robin Roberts, who had encouraged Robach to have an on-air mammogram on Oct. 1.

“Amy was hesitant about doing a mammogram on air because she thought people would think that she was trying to make it about her,” Roberts, a cancer survivor, told PEOPLE at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation s A Magical Night Gala on Thursday in Manhattan.

Before Robach said yes, she saw Roberts in her dressing room. Roberts says she told her that if Robach saved one person’s life, it would be worth it.

Roberts recalled, “She exhaled and said, ‘I’m going to do it.’ Little did we know that it was going to be her life that was going to be saved.”

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