Amy Poehler Reunites with Maya Rudolph to Bring 'Bronx Beat' Back to 'SNL' – and They Aren't Fans of 'Star Wars'

Tina Fey also joins the ladies as Betty's (Amy Poehler) cousin from Philadelphia!

Photo: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live vets Amy Poehler and Tina Fey jumped into a few of their familiar characters when they hosted this weekend’s episode of the sketch show. And naturally, they brought along a few friends, like Maya Rudolph, who reprised her role alongside Poehler for “Bronx Beat.”

The two began the sketch – in their exaggerated New York accents – with gripes about their less-than-cheerful holiday season – and the “saturated” new Star Wars film, “may the force give me a break already,” Betty (Poehler) said.

“You know what I want for Christmas?” Betty said. “No more bad news!”

“Bad news. Gloom and doom. I’m sick of it,” Jodi (Rudolph) chimed in. “So stupid, it’s Christmas, give me a break … yeah, it’s Christmas, you think you got Santa coming down the chimney? It’s ISIS.”

Soon, the ladies got a visit from Betty’s cousin, Karen (Fey), from Philadelphia.

They couldn’t help but commend Fey on her “sophisticated” accent, although Rudolph seemed a bit confused by Fey’s pronunciation of water.

And then they dropped a bomb on viewers during the “Christmas episode” as well, announcing that Jodi is pregnant.

Although saddened by the “terrible, terrible news,” Betty proclaimed that “babies are a blessing.”

However, “If I was pregnant I’d kill myself.”

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