"I look forward to the next year, and for all the great creators to make their films for us to lightly jab at," says Poehler, who last hosted the awards with Fey in 2015.

Amy Phoehler
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Amy Poehler is making this the year she says “yes and no to the right things”—and that includes choosing to return to co-host the Golden Globe Awards with Tina Fey in 2021.

“It’s really just a simple and selfish reason [to host again],” Poehler, 48, tells PEOPLE. “I love getting the chance to perform with my friend, and we have a really fun time when we do it. So we figured, ‘Why don’t we get back in there and try it?'”

While the pair haven’t started planning their jokes yet, she says they’ll soon be looking out for potential material. “I look forward to the next year, and for all the great creators to make their films for us to lightly jab at,” says Poehler, who last hosted the awards with Fey in 2015.

While saying “yes” has led to many positive things in her life, including “this crazy career of mine,” she says, Poehler is also stressing the importance of doing the exact opposite. The Emmy winner has partnered with Pure Leaf Iced Tea and their new “No Is Beautiful” campaign, where Poehler modernizes classic fairytales by changing a major female character’s answer from yes to a no.

“What has been cool is reimagining these fairytales and wondering, ‘What it would be like if some of the women in these stories just decided to exercise their right to say ‘no’—how would it change the story?'” she says.

In the video series, Poehler tells new stories where Rapunzel refuses to let down her hair (“build a staircase or install an elevator!”), Gretel declines to visit the candy house with Hansel (“What is with breadcrumbs, why are you obsessed with breadcrumbs?”), and the Princess refuses to sleep on beds stacked on top of a pea (“I’m not climbing all the way up there, and some of these mattresses look questionable.”).

“You know what I like better than saying, ‘yes, please?’ A nice, non-confrontational, self-indulgent, ‘I’m looking out for number one here’ no,” Poehler says in one of the videos. “Because sometimes a girl’s gotta say ‘no’ in order to say ‘yes’ to what she really wants.”

It’s a lesson Poehler says she wished she learned when she was younger. “When I was in my 20s, I think I could’ve said ‘no’ to more things that pulled me in different directions,” she says. “But one of the nicer things about when you get older is you just start to get a better sense of what you can give, what you’re interested in, and who you want to spend your time with.”

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Recently, that has meant reuniting with some of her Parks & Recreation costars: She’s filming the third season of NBC’s Making It with Nick Offerman, and working on FOX’s new animated show Duncanville with Rashida Jones.

Jones, who Poehler affectionately calls “my wife for life,” also directed the videos for the Pure Leaf Iced Tea campaign. “That was so cool to get to work with Rashida again on these videos because I think she’s a fantastic director of course,” says Poehler. “And she’s like me: A person who practices no, but she said ‘yes’ to this! And hopefully she’ll say ‘yes’ to being justice of the peace when I ask her to be my wife for real.”