Michael Rozman/Warner Bros
January 23, 2009 08:25 AM

What does a new mom get a woman who already has everything for her birthday? Bubble wrap, of course.

Amy Poehler, who gave birth to son Archie on Oct. 25, paid a recent visit to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres – gift in hand for the fellow funny lady’s 51st.

“When I get a present I usually like bubble wrap that it’s wrapped in,” Poehler says on the show, set to air Monday. “I like to pop it, so I got you 250 feet of bubble wrap.”

As for how her 3-month-old is doing, Poehler points to the bubble-wrap roll and jokes, “My baby’s in there … I just want to keep him safe.”

DeGeneres – not only thankful for her present – reassures Poehler she is a “good mom” to her and husband Will Arnett’s adorable son.

Poehler adds: “He’s a really happy, sweet baby, and I think it’s because I did so much jumping around.”

Sounds like Poehler should be bound in some bubble wrap!

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