What's Amy Poehler's biggest fear? "Being mistaken for J-Lo"
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Amy Poehler doesn’t want J-Lo to be angry at her.

The Sisters star stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday and went head-to-head with host Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious game of “Truth or Truth.”

First up, Poehler, 44, got candid about her biggest fear.

“Easy, being mistaken for [Jennifer Lopez],” she said. “And then being asked to dance. And dancing better than J-Lo. And J-Lo being angry. I don’t want J-Lo to be angry at me.”

Next, it was Fallon’s turn to get honest. The 41-year-old host revealed a place where he’s never had sexual intercourse.

“My twenties,” he said.

The audience erupted in laughter as the comedians delivered joke after joke. But Poehler made it clear that “Truth or Truth” is the game for her.

“I’m too old for dares, I’m too smart for lies, I’m too quick–,” Poehler began before Fallon interrupted, instructing her, “Don’t read your lower-back tattoo.”

“You’re right, You’re right,” she replied. “I shouldn’t say my tattoo I should live it.”