Exes Amy & Matt Roloff Still Live Together on the Family Farm — But 'Have Two Different Worlds'

"We're business partners, but I don't think either one of us knows how much longer we can keep this up," Amy Roloff saysc

Since their divorce was finalized nearly two years ago, Matt and Amy Roloff have coexisted in separate homes on the family farm they built together — but those days may soon be ending.

“Coexisting with Amy has its ups and downs. Still living 500 feet apart. You know, there’s good days and bad days and we just take it day by day,” Matt says in a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday evening’s Little People, Big World episode.

In the new season premiere of the TLC reality series, Matt, 56, shares his excitement with Amy, 53, about the upcoming Father’s Day holiday, which he will spend with eldest twin sons Jeremy and Zach, both 27. Matt and Amy also share daughter Molly, 24, and son Jacob, 21.

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“I’m very, very excited because Zach’s very, very first Father’s Day is coming up. You know, my folks are coming into town so I’m going to have them come over and do a little Bar-B-Que or something low-key,” Mattt — who references son Zach and daughter-in-law Tori welcoming his first grandchild, Jackson Kyle, into the world — tells Amy.

“You know, I’m excited to have this party because a lot of events just kind of default over to Amy’s house. But other than Tori [Roloff] and Audrey [Roloff], we’re not going to have the moms at the party, no girlfriends, no moms. Caryn and Amy did not get the invite because we really wanted to focus on the dads, kind of like leave the drama,” he says.

Since the couple divorced in May 2016, Amy has been living in the family home on the farm; she’s also found love with her boyfriend Chris while Matt has found romance with farm manager Caryn.

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“Divorce changes things,” Amy admits in the clip. “And this will be the first time that we don’t celebrate Father’s Day together. You know, Matt and I have two different worlds, so it’s just hard.”

Of the things the former couple doesn’t see eye-to-eye on is his ongoing farm projects. “There’s just certain things that Matt goes overboard on,” says Amy, who notes the wooden pirate ship — which she says cost “a lot of money” — that Matt is having rebuilt for his grandkids.

But from Amy’s perspective, Matt will “come up with a thought and then that thought runs away like a runaway train. And so Matt needs to be reigned in when it comes to some of these projects.”

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During their ride out to see the wooden ship — “we’re excited about that project kind of being the new spirit of the farm,” says Matt — the family patriarch tells Amy that he’s been “having a lot of problems with my eyes lately.”

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When Amy tells him that he’s “always dying,” Matt responds: “I’m not dying anymore. Didn’t I make that announcement? I decided I’m not dying anymore.”

“So I had to deal with you for years and years dying? Now you’re not dying anymore. Oh wow,” she says. “Yeah, I’m glad you’re not dying anymore.”

With a surprised laugh, Matt admits, “You are? I thought it was a disappointment.”

“No, the kids would be sad,” she tells him.

Although the pair continues to live on the same piece of property and works in close proximity to each other, their future as friends — and business partners — remains ambiguous. (In a recent Little People, Big World promo of the upcoming season, Matt contemplates selling the family farm.)

“Matt and I are divorced. It’s not like suddenly we’re going to be best friends. We’re business partners, but I don’t think either one of us knows how much longer we can keep this up,” says Amy. “Like, what is the long-term plan?”

Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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