Duggar Gone Wild! See Amy Duggar's Shockingly Sexy Engagement Photo Shoot

No side-hugs for her: The Duggar cousin clearly isn't waiting for her wedding to kiss fiancé Dillon King

Photo: Dale Benfield/ Benfield Photography

One thing’s for sure: Amy Duggar is no stick in the mud.

Scandal may have rocked her family recently, but the niece of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar is shaking all that off and looking toward the future with fiancé Dillon King.

In preparation for their upcoming wedding, taking place in less than a month over Labor Day weekend, the former 19 Kids and Counting star took a walk on the wild side, posing with King for a sexy, muddy photo shoot to celebrate their love. No side-hugs for her – she’s clearly not waiting until her wedding to kiss her fiancé.

“One of our three engagement photo looks was a mud fight,” Amy tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was kind of, not scandalous, but a little less what you’d expect from a Duggar.”

It was also sickeningly fun. “It was disgusting!” Amy says of posing in a marshy area of King’s 300-acre farm, where he proposed. “We were in the middle of this murky water. I got sick for a minute, he got sick for a minute, but it was so worth it. It was so much fun.”

Amy, who jokes about being known as the rebel Duggar compared to her very straitlaced cousins, says the wedding will be out of the box as well.

“It is not your traditional wedding by any means,” she says. “There won’t be a lot of flowers; it’s going to be rose-gold and candlelight and not in a church.”

Still, Amy says she’s looking forward to the entire Duggar clan coming out for her big day: “All of the family will be there.”

Since cousin Jill, husband Derick and their baby son Israel moved to Central America, Amy has FaceTimed with her twice and is hopeful she’ll return for her nuptials.

Though she’ll have her friends as bridesmaids, “all the younger girls are my flower girls,” Amy says of cousins Mackynzie, Jordan, Josie, Jennifer and Johanna. “They’re going to be ringing bells and saying, ‘The bride is coming, the bride is coming!’ ”

When it comes to her wedding dress, Amy says she surprised herself: “I thought I wanted a long-sleeve, backless dress, but it’s sort of a ball gown look. I fell in love with it.”

And lucky her, she got it on the house. “When I walked into the bridal shop, they recognized me and surprised me with the dress for free,” says Amy of She Said Yes Bridal Boutique in Rogers, Arkansas. “They’re the sweetest.”

Despite recent backlash over claims that she solicited wedding gifts from fans by posting her contact information on social media, Amy says she and King definitely aren’t in need of handouts. “I don’t consider myself a celebrity by any means. I still shop at Goodwill!” she says with a laugh. “But it’s like, no offense, we don’t really need the help. We’re blessed.”

As for other rumors that she’s heard floating around, “I am definitely not pregnant,” Amy says. “I’m not that much of a rebel!”

In fact, she’s leaning on family for their traditional marriage advice. “I’ve got an upcoming double date with my uncle Jim Bob and Michelle,” she says. “They’ve been married for 31 years, so we want a little bit of their advice.”

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