The reality TV star sets the record straight on recent questions about her behavior

January 06, 2017 11:25 AM


Amy (Duggar) King has found herself in the hot seat again.

In an exclusive clip from Friday’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premiere, newlywed Amy and her husband Dillon open up about two separate incidents involving alleged animal and domestic abuse.

“Things sometimes get out of hand,” Dillon admits at a press conference.

“Just like you tossed the cat around,” a reporter responds.

“All I did was pick the cat up and accidentally drop him,” says Dillon.

Amy reminds him: “But it dropped on its jaw.”

Another reporter then directs the attention toward Amy, noting, “During the reel, you were kind of laughing especially sometimes during the ‘throw a punch’ part. I just want to know if domestic violence is funny to you?”

“I don’t remember throwing a punch at you at all,” a shocked Amy responds, looking at Dillon.

After Dillon reminds her the punch occurred, “after the whole cat situation,” Amy recalls that it only happened, “one time.” However, she does admit that violence is probably not, “the best answer.”

Amy clarifies to PEOPLE exclusively: “What happened with out little kitten was an accident. Dillon was in the kitchen cooking and Winston jumped on his back, scratching him up! So Dillon grabbed him and meant to just place him on our table but instead our cat didn’t land all four paws, so from my angle it looked intentional that he just threw him down. But that wasn’t the case.”

She adds, “We now have a second kitten, and Dillon treats her like a baby! He’s going to be the best dad someday, and the fear that I had about starting a family is gone.”

On Wednesday, the couple stopped by PEOPLE Now to further discuss Marriage Boot Camp‘s explosive supertease, which highlighted a scary situation in which Amy was attacked by another man.

“I can’t say who it is, but I can say, on the show I did forgive them,” Amy told PEOPLE Now. “It was a very heartfelt moment where I actually forgave that person who hurt me when I was younger.”

“So, it was a family member,” she added. “I love the person very much, and we’re better now. But I did need to heal from that.”

To clear up rumors that the unnamed attacker was her husband, Amy took to social media to set the record straight.

She tweeted at the time, “The story I was describing in the Marriage Boot Camp teaser does not involve Dillon in any way. #Ilovemyhusband.”

Amy tells PEOPLE now: “First of all, let me say I do love this this person a lot. Talking about this incident wasn’t something that I planned. But that just shows you how Marriage Boot Camp is extremely therapeutic and the doctors know how to really deal with your inner issues.”

She continued, “I never meant to hurt this person, I forgive this person. I left the show feeling like a weight was lifted off my chest, and I’m so thankful to be a part of such an amazing experience.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars will return Jan. 6 on WEtv.

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