"The kids are coming," Dillon King told PEOPLE

Amy Duggar King is getting candid about her sex life.

Attending the Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Amy, 32, and her husband Dillon King spoke openly about their marriage — and how they keep the romance alive.

“Oh, all the time,” Amy told PEOPLE about the amount of sex she and Dillon have. “All the time. You can’t hide that. You can’t hide that.”

The pair also admitted that they have babies on the brain and are looking to expand their family.

“The kids are coming,” said Dillon. “We’ve been practicing.”


To keep the flame alive between them, Dillon said that they “just keep it fresh, keep it wild” in the bedroom as he explained that they turn to “firelight, candle, one of those big massage bed things. The whole shebang.”

Said Dillon, “Every now and then, got to make it a thing, right? I can’t do it repetitively because it gets too built up, she’s used to it. Then it’s like, how am I going to top that now, right?”

“He does like candlelight,” said Amy, who added, “I have a built-in masseuse as a husband. He’s incredible.”

Dillon King and Amy Duggar King
| Credit: Amy King/Instagram

In September 2015, after less than two months of being engaged, Amy and Dillon tied the knot at their country-chic wedding, which took place on the grounds of Horton Farms near Bentonville, Arkansas.

But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing since the pair said “I do.”

Nearly two years ago, the couple appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, where they aired out the issues in their marriage — and had to decide if they wanted to remain together.

In the time since they appeared on the WE tv reality series, Amy and Dillon have remained committed to one another and are continuously learning to work through their marital issues.

“I think for me, especially after the Bootcamp and all that kind of stuff, for me it’s like, two people are going to grow at different rates, right? So, you’re never going to be at the same place at the same time. So the little arguments that might come up throughout the way, you’re going to have those. That’s going to happen,” said Dillon. “So if something does, it’s not like it’s the end of the world, we’re not compatible.”

“That’s exactly right,” Amy affirmed. “For me, whenever we would, we still argue of course. Whenever we argue, I would be like, I would freak out. He’d be like, ‘Babe, this is life. This is normal. I’m here, and I’m not leaving.’ And he gave reassurance.”