June 30, 2017 05:37 PM

Amy (Duggar) King and her husband Dillon aren’t ones to shy away from adventure — they chase it!

For the couple’s anniversary, they went to Cancun, Mexico, where lots of adventure was on the itinerary.

“For our honeymoon, we were very like beach bums. And so this time I was like I want to kind of enjoy Cancun in a different kind of way,” Amy, who wed Dillon in September 2015, says in a TLC behind-the-scenes video of their trip. “So first up, we are going to zipline through the trees of Mexico.”

Amy was the first to brave the zipline through the trees, and evidently loved the experience!

“This is awesome!” Amy exclaims while on her thrilling ride, which she screamed and smiled throughout. “That’s incredible right there. We’re definitely living here in Mexico.”

“We’re very much adrenaline junkies,” Amy explains.

And her husband couldn’t agree more.

“I love adrenaline,” says Dillon. “Anything that’s fast, anything that can get the heart going” he continues before Amy chimes in, “Anything a tad bit dangerous.”

Dillon adds with a laugh, “If I can die, I’m going to do it.”

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Since the pair wed almost two years ago in a country-chic wedding that took place on the grounds of Horton Farms near Bentonville, Arkansas, they haven’t missed being single, but the duo has had to work out some issues, some of which was documented on Marriage Boot Camp.

“For us, it was nothing more than we need to learn to communicate,” Amy said of the experience. “Dillon has a tone that drives me up the wall sometimes and when we bicker, we have to learn how to talk to each other. We were friends for so long before we got married, so we always joked and said things to each other because we were just friends. Now that we are married, it’s a whole new level of respect that we had to learn.”

With the series now behind them, the couple is happy they decided to go on the show.

“I have never been more grateful for going on the show,” said Amy. “Dillon and I are on cloud nine. We are really happy we learned how to communicate in a healthy way and we’re completely in love with each other. We are in a very good place.”

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