Amy Duggar King on Her Estranged Relationship with the Duggar Family: 'I'm Happy Where I'm at'

"I think we are all just trying to find our path, and we're all just doing things differently," she said

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Amy Duggar. Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty

Amy (Duggar) King wants nothing but the best for the Duggar family.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published Wednesday, Amy, 33, discussed her estranged relationship with some of her extended family members, explaining that although "things are definitely different," she's "happy" for everyone.

"I think we are all just trying to find our path, and we're all just doing things differently," said Amy, whose mother Deanna is Jim Bob Duggar's older sister.

"I'm doing things differently and I'm happy where I'm at. I'm happy for them," she added. "Things are definitely different, but I'm happy for everybody."

A rep for the Duggar family and a rep for TLC, which airs Counting On, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Currently, Amy said she remains in communication with her cousin Jill (Duggar) Dillard, who no longer appears on Counting On.

"Jill and I text, not on a daily basis, but we text quite often," she said. "And we discuss things."

Touching on her relationship with Jessa (Duggar) Seewald — who revealed in November that her 3-year-old son Henry has speech delays — Amy said: "I hope all the best for him and that he and the family are fine."

In 2016, Amy opened up in a PEOPLE cover story about earning the "rebel" reputation in her conservative family, whose lives have been chronicled on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On.

"That isn't necessarily what I want to be known as. What makes me a rebel?" Amy said at the time. "I love the Lord and I love my family. I'm just not born to live exactly the way they do."

She added that "growing up was all about shorts, tank tops, country songs and boyfriends" — all things her extended family steered clear of. After Amy was featured multiple times on 19 Kids and Counting, "I became known as the rebellious one without even really being rebellious," she recalled.

Amy (Duggar) King and Dillon King.

Amy was also vocal about disagreeing with her family on certain things — "I think kissing before marriage should happen" – but said she was also not as wild as some may think. "I was a church leader and went to Christian school all my life," she said. Still, "I never really felt up to the Duggar standard."

In the four years since her cover interview, Amy has become a business owner and a mom. This past October, she welcomed son Daxton Ryan with husband Dillon King, whom she wed in September 2015.

Despite not seeing eye-to-eye with certain members of the TLC family, Amy told ET that she is "at peace."

"I've got a 9-month-old, a restaurant that's expanding, a boutique that's doing well. TV [in general] is just a whole lot of hustle and bustle," she said. "I want to be received as a genuine, kind person, and TV in general can give people a different perception of who someone is."

"I'm in a good place and I wish my family all the best," she continued, adding, "I have freedom and it is wonderful."

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