"I think a lot of people have a darker side," Amy Adams tells PEOPLE

By Christina Dugan
June 08, 2018 11:46 AM

Amy Adams relates to her character on HBO’s Sharp Objects in a very humanistic way.

“It really is a beautiful character study of somebody who I felt was so human and flawed,” Adams, 43, tells PEOPLE of her character Camille Preaker in this week’s issue. “She felt very real to me. I believe, just with my experiences with my friends and in my life, that a lot of us have inside pain. Camille wears her pain — like, literally. I do feel like it’s relatable. I think a lot of people have a darker side, a secret side of pain that they don’t feel like they’re able to share with the world.”

Sharp Objects, an adaptation of author Gillian Flynn‘s debut novel, tells the story Camille Preaker’s return to her Missouri hometown to solve the murder of two young girls all while uncovering disturbing secrets of her own.

“She’s a very conflicted individual who has not wrestled with the demons of her past so they continue to haunt her,” says the five-time Oscar nominee. “I would say she’s perfectly flawed.”

Though it’s her first major role in a television series, Adams says she’s hooked and would love to continue pursuing TV.

Credit: HBO

“I think the way that TV is being presented, it’s not that far from a feature shoot.” she says. “The pace is different. You’re shooting essentially this as an eight hour movie that you’re shooting for four or five months. The pace is different and that takes some getting used to but I really love it. I’m not good at slow. It was exhausting but it was also exhilarating, because it kept you in a space of the character which really worked for me.”

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“For me, I used to think there was a very hard line between film and television, and I just don’t think that exists anymore,” she adds. “I think there’s just a more permeable environment now. I’m looking forward to exploring. There’s something exciting about getting to explore a character. The limited series is exciting for me. It allows for such a different type of development.”

Sharp Objects premieres July 8 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.