Amy Acker Says 'Nothing Is What It Seems' in Upcoming Freeform Series 'The Watchful Eye'

"You'll get sucked in," Acker says of the show, which premieres on Monday

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 15: Amy Acker attends the Los Angeles premiere of Lionsgate's "American Underdog" at TCL Chinese Theatre on December 15, 2021 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)
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As The Watchful Eye gears up for its premiere, Amy Acker is promising several twists and turns for viewers who love a good mystery.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the new Freeform series, Acker — who plays the defensive Tory Ayres – reveals that as the show progresses, it'll be difficult to predict what's next.

"It's gonna be something that you have to watch because nothing is what it seems," says Acker, 46. "You just get sucked in immediately."

"There's lots of sexy, mystery — it's got a little of everything. It's really this genre-blending show. There really is something for everyone in it," she adds.

THE WATCHFUL EYE - "The Watchful Eye" follows Elena Santos, a young woman with a complicated past, maneuvering her way into working as a live-in nanny for an affluent family in Manhattan. She quickly learns that everyone in the mysterious building has deadly secrets and ulterior motives. What they don't know, however, is that Elena has some shocking secrets of her own. “The Watchful Eye” premieres January 30 on Freeform and streams on Hulu. (Freeform/BRENDAN MEADOWS) LEX LUMPKIN, HENRY JOSEPH SAMIRI, ALIYAH ROYALE, WARREN CHRISTIE, MARIEL MOLINO, JON ECKER, AMY ACKER, KELLY BISHOP
The Watchful Eye cast. BRENDAN MEADOWS/Freeform

The Watchful Eye follows Elena Santos (Mariel Molino), a young woman with a complicated past who maneuvers her way into working as a live-in nanny for a wealthy family at The Greybourne in Manhattan.

The family consists of an architect named Mathew (Warren Christie) and his son Jasper (Henry Joseph Samiri) after the death of Mathew's wife. Elena, however, quickly learns that she's not the only one in the building with secrets and ulterior motives.

Acker plays Mathew's sister-in-law who asserts her dominance over Elena — but the Angel actress notes her character is quite complex.

"She's the woman you love to hate," explains Acker. "She's overprotective, she's paranoid, she's a perfectionist and she's trying to keep everybody in order and trying to make sure that the status quo of what their lives is and what The Greybourne is [doesn't] go wrong."

"I really do see the humanity in her and why she has these issues," she continues, adding that viewers will eventually see it too.

For Lex Lumpkin (Elliot Schwartz) and Aliyah Royale (Ginny Welles), whose characters befriend Elena and earn her trust, they also agree this show will be worthwhile for viewers.

"This show definitely has all the good stuff you need — and all the twists you didn't know you needed," says Royale.

"We're going to get a lot of angry texts from people trying to figure out what's going to happen," Lumpkin jokingly adds.

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The Watchful Eye airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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