'Bachelor Pad' : Tenley and Kiptyn 'Rooting for Ames and Jackie'

The veterans wonder if the pair can be the second lasting relationship to come out of the show

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Our first date, a romantic getaway to Catalina, proved to be the starting point of our relationship and one of the most incredible dates or our lives. How it came about, however, was one of the hardest experiences of our lives. On Bachelor Pad season 1, the fourth challenge was a game in which each individual had to guess which of our fellow cast mates was named the most by the cast when asked a number of embarrassing questions. After getting served an entrée of embarrassment and a side order of crushed self-esteem, it was bitter sweet when I (Tenley) won the challenge for the ladies. I was so excited for a date with Kiptyn (little did we know we were off to Catalina) but it was hard to leave a game that was emotionally destructive feeling like a “winner.”

After eggs and hearts were broken on this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad, Michael is clearly conflicted as he and Melissa are named the winners of the egg tossing challenge. Michael and I (Kiptyn) have been friends since our time together on The Bachelorette and I can sincerely say you won’t find many guys of greater character. Bachelor Pad is a complicated machine that tests that character on a daily basis, while captivating you with hopes of love and money. Episode two gave viewers a front row seat as the money train dropped off three passengers only to have the love boat swoop in and pick up two of them. Can Ames and Jackie be the second lasting relationship to come out of Bachelor Pad? We’re definitely rooting for them.

While coupling up is clearly the way to love, it looks like coupling up can also be the key to the money. We’re both fans of Kirk and Ella, so seeing those two come together late in the episode was an exciting development. But is it too little too late in the game? Kasey, Graham and Michael along with Vienna, Michelle and Holly seem to have come together as an alliance early on. We fear that makes late-comers Kirk and Ella the most likely to be opening limousine doors when that side is forced to eliminate their own. But what if that can be changed? Kasey appears to have evolved into this season’s Bachelor Pad Godfather. Could he have enough power to save Kirk and Ella? We don’t think so. We predict a slice of humble pie (double wince and gag as we flash back to last year’s pie eating contest during Bachelor Pad episode two) being served to our buddy, Kasey “the Godfather” and his guarded-and-protected Vienna (which does sound somewhat close to ‘Carmela’ Corleone … hmmm).

Looking ahead we anticipate the plot to thicken. Although we must admit we’re not sure what the word ‘plot’ or ‘plotting’ mean anymore after watching season 1’s only returning cast member, Gia, leave season 2, cursing the scheming and plotting going on after five collective episodes of watching her talk strategy. Not to mention that all of this came within 24 hours of Gia literally using a pen and notepad to plot – we mean strategize – about what needs to be done to advance in the game. At the end of the day, though, that is small potatoes compared to what it looks like we’re about to see unfold.

Episode one introduced control. Episode two introduced trust. From here on out trust will be the key component, dictating which of the Bachelor Pad residents continue on the journey to $250,000. Next week’s competition is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Who will stay and who will go? We can’t wait to find out!

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