Rita Ora Has a Surprise for Her 'America's Next Top Model' Contestants — and It's Going to Change Everything

Ora is giving one eliminated contestant a shot at rejoining the competition

They’re back!

We’re halfway through this season of America’s Next Top Model, and host Rita Ora is bringing back the seven eliminated contestants — giving one of them a shot at rejoining the competition.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, Ora, 26, meets up with the remaining seven women for this week’s challenge.

“You’re going to be part of an ensemble — and ladies, working with someone else in a video is hard, trust me,” she says. “Since there’s only seven of you left, I thought we could use with some more models …”

The contestants exchange nervous glances as a garage door ominously creeps up to reveal none other than Binta, Krislian, Gia, Kyle, Tash, Cherish and Justine.


“I’m back, bitches!” says Cherish gleefully.

“These seven models are moving back into your house for the rest of the week,” says Ora to a mixed chorus of cheers and groans. “Based on how well you do, one of you will be going home and one of these girls will be taking your place.”


“That’s how this cookie crumbles, my friends,” she adds.

While some of the women look excited to be reunited with their former roommates, Gia knows what’s up.

“The girls are smiling,” she says. “But that’s fake, obviously.”

America’s Next Top Model now airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on VH1 and MTV.

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