'America's Next Top Model' Auditions in N.Y.C. Go Smoothly

Second time's the charm for Tyra Banks's show after last month's casting call ended in riots

Photo: J.Graylock/JPI

Tyra Banks has kept a promise she made to hundreds of aspiring models, who were caught in a sidewalk stampede last month – another chance to audition for America’s Next Top Model.

And, the second casting went off without a hitch.

“This is amazing. We know where to stand. We know we will be seen. There are lines and checkpoints and police around. I couldn’t be happier,” Regina Villano, 21, of New Jersey, told the New York Daily News.

Villano had feared for her life during the March mayhem, which resulted in several injuries outside New York’s Park Central Hotel. At least three people face charges of disorderly conduct, and within days Banks issued a statement promising all the hopeful models would get another chance to audition.

During that episode the NYPD had no prior knowledge of the expected crowd size, but Saturday’s event corralled would-be models through several checkpoints outside the Penn Plaza Pavilion.

But there was one thing Banks couldn’t promise to deliver: Good weather. An early morning downpour and steady rain throughout Saturday drenched dozens of contestants.

“Great, now I look like a freakin’ crack addict,” Heather Car, 22, told the newspaper about her smeared blue eye makeup. “It took all night to make myself up and in two minutes I look like a zombie.”

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