July 29, 2009 12:00 AM

The America’s Got Talent judges started making the “hardest decisions ever” on Tuesday’s episode as eliminations began in Las Vegas for 160 acts that made it through the first round. Divided into four groups, the crowd was thinned with one fell swoop when Sharon Osbourne delivered the bad news that an entire group would be going home. Quelle horreur! A few others were dragged onstage only to be told that they would not be going on to L.A. While AGT didn’t spend much time dwelling on the losers, there were some surprising performers sent away. So with fond memory, we bring you the AGT winners — who were actually losers:

1. Guitar hero Tallan Noble Latz: “I guess I will keep playing guitar and keep following my heart,” he said with a long face. Spoken like a true professional facing tough times. Did he deserve to go?

2. Singing sensation Ceana Pelekai: Although she wowed with her rendition of “At Last,” she was left wiping tears from her face. What would Etta James say?

3. The Spiritual Harmonizers: The post office act had a great story of cross-generational singers, but in the end their sound wasn’t unique enough. So much for Piers Morgan‘s assessment of the lead singer in auditions! He called him a “young Steve Wonder.”

4. Susan Boyle-esque Kari Callin: Osbourne said she could not deliver any more bad news to this Seattle resident, who had a cleft palate as a kid and had never been in a relationship. But Callin was given the axe anyway. Rolling her eyes, she said, “It’s disappointing to be told you are not good enough.” At least she got to go to Vegas! — Nicholas White

Tell us: Which eliminations surprised you? Who will you be rooting for in upcoming rounds of AGT?

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