July 02, 2009 12:00 AM

Sometimes, when America doesn’t have talent, it’s more fun than when the contestants actually do. Who doesn’t mind the occasional face-plant? Thankfully, Wednesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent, which stopped in Houston and Miami, drew the weakest of the first round of auditions so far. A parade of mediocre acts set off buzzer after buzzer, from a bad blond singer to a man’s off-color poems. Although there were a few bright spots — a tightly choreographed 27-dancer troupe called Lake Houston Performing Arts Center and a dancing dog come to mind — it was a fun night to revel in the lesser talented parts of America — at least on this show.

The most entertaining of the slip-ups was the overconfident, 25-year-old magician Marti Brill from Miami. After telling the judges that they would never see a better magician, he created insurmountable expectations. He tried to get the audience on his side, starting a clap-along, and they reluctantly obliged. But his tired magic act of eating and tossing up cards cards, making a cup of soda and beautiful assistant levitate, and over-exaggerated physicality quickly drew the audience’s ire. Speaking for the crowd, judge Pierce Morgan called Brill, “the most annoying man in Miami.” This comes as a shock to Brill, who is convinced of his own awesomeness, which made for totally awesome TV.

Of course, it helps that America’s Got Talent showed its good side on Tuesday’s show, which featured the best of this season so far with a chicken catcher who can sing. We’ll see what’s in store next week. — Nicholas White

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