Finally, America’s Got Talent lived up to its name Tuesday, when a 9-year-old prodigy wielded his guitar like a rock superstar. Tallan Noble Latz, with his spiked hair and a cross around his neck, rocked as though he’d spent nights in bluesy juke joints for years during a dizzying guitar solo that had audience dancing in their seats. While most AGT acts appear practiced, this kid from the Big Apple went into a preternatural realm of talent.

Crying when he got offstage, he got a hand from his dad, who said, “That was way cool, man.”

Tallan had street cred, listing as influences Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, he had done his homework. Judge Sharon Osbourne acknowledged his “good taste.”

He had a theatrical style — borrowed from the guitar players of the ’70s and ’80s — and a close look at his fingers revealed complex musicianship. He didn’t mug for the camera. The third-grader said he practices after school and credits his parents for being his biggest fans.

Tallan’s feel-good story was helped by his composure and gratitude as he accepted complements with a simple “Thank you very much” and “I really appreciate that.” Piers Morgan called it “one of the most extraordinary things I have seen in my life,” and Osbourne said it made her day. — Nicholas White

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