August 19, 2009 12:00 AM

It was (almost) all aces on America’s Got Talent‘s stage Tuesday as the search for semi-finalists continued. It was a tough night for voters and apparently judges — Piers Morgan said he couldn’t handle the pressure of picking a winner — as most of the acts seemed to have a chance of advancing.

That is, except for an amateur comedy singer and a wild-card magician act that Morgan affectionately called “end of the pier”-worthy. Who can predict which top five will advance tonight — and who will bitterly slink home unsatisfied? While Morgan and Sharon Osbourne continued to trade barks from last week’s “scandal” of Charles DeWayne‘s elimination, there will no doubt be some close calls this week.

Crowd and judge favorites like Bri and the FootworKINGz looked like front-runners. Although none of the acts are a sure thing, these two seem close. Bri, a 17-year-old singer who did an ambitious interpretation of Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face,” had an uplifting story — and she excited Piers. At his “old age,” that’s hard to do, he says. FootworKINGz had a colorful wardrobe scheme and an entertaining presentation. They are still just another dance act, although Morgan called them possibly the best dance act, so … high praise!

Maybe it was the strong field, but the weaker acts really stood out. Loan officer Dave Johnson, who battle tested in front of a crowd of more than 20 only once before, crashed and burned when he couldn’t recreate the magic of his David Hasselhoff song with an ode to the Golden Girls. It made him the only triple buzz of the night. Magician Jay Mattioli was too amateurish and will likely not be back. Nearly buzzed by all three judges, Jay and his cutesy presentation may still give him a few fans. –Nicholas White

Tell us: Who was your favorite of the night? Who should be sent home?

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