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It's down to the last six acts, but who will win the $1 million prize and get a show on the Vegas strip?

September 18, 2013 07:30 PM

Summer’s almost over, which means the season’s guiltiest TV pleasure is coming to an end, too.

After the most entertaining season yet, America’s Got Talent will name a winner on Wednesday. But which of the final six deserves to take home $1 million and get a show in Las Vegas? Will it be one of the singers, a comedian, a magician or the performer who defies description, Kenichi Ebina?

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Cami Bradley

There’s something about this 25-year-old’s voice that pulls you in as she takes on classic songs and makes them her own.

Collins Key

The judges told this 16-year-old that he’s the future face of magic, and they’re right about the way he combines his tricks with social media.

Taylor Williamson

They’re something so awkwardly endearing about this 26-year-old comedian that we bet TV producers are clamouring to craft a sitcom around his quirky personality.


It’s hard to believe that this opera trio met on the internet and had never performed together in front of an audience before they auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

Jimmy Rose

The country singer, 32, is a marine veteran and coal miner whose own song, “Coal Keeps the Lights On,” blew away the judges and won hearts across the country.

Kenichi Ebina

There’s nobody like this Japanese performer, who combines freestyle dance moves with martial arts and video montages that he creates himself, so it’s no wonder judge Howie Mandel thinks the 38-year-old should win the competition.

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