By People Staff
Updated July 02, 2008 12:00 AM

Why wait for pigs to fly when you’ve seen one that can paint? Fran Martin, a 54-year-old gym teacher from Richmond, Va., came to auditions in Dallas with 10-year-old Smithfield, her pot bellied pig who can paint by holding the brush in his mouth. So what’s his style? “He paints abstract, however I’ve been told he always leaves an impression,” Martin joked. Despite having garnered nicknames throughout his career such as “Pigcasso” and “Vincent Ham Gogh,” Smithfield failed to impress the judges, as animal lover Piers Morgan declared he’d be “more useful in my bacon sandwich.”

The night’s real tall order? Trying to top George the Giant’s act. At 7 ft, 3 in., George declared that “you’ve probably never seen what you’re gonna see” before starting his act (watch the clip). George twisted a long twisty straw around a volunteer from the audience, before shoving it up his nose and out of his mouth and drinking milk through it. Ending his act with a bang, George undid his shirt and lit a pack of sparklers taped to his chest. “When you’re my size, you got two choices: you either play basketball, or be a freak,” he said. The sight was almost too much for Sharon Osbourne, who couldn’t make herself watch the whole act because she felt like she was “going to throw up.” Don’t toss your cookies yet, Sharon, we’ll be seeing more of George, who made it onto the next round.

Auditions also headed to Atlanta, where 9-year-old David Militello, an autistic boy who was silent for the first three years of his life, sang “Ben” by Michael Jackson. At the end of his spirited performance, David Hasselhoff addressed the boy, saying, “You just won the hearts of America!” And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Next week, the acts will continue to battle it out in hopes of making it to callbacks in Sin City! –Shreya Baxi