'America's Got Talent' Judges and Host Help Grant 6-Year-Old Girl's 'Unreal' Make-A-Wish: 'It Was Amazing'

"She felt nervous but loved singing in front of the judges," Rosalyn's mother, Emily, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her daughter's wish being granted

A 6-year-old girl who recently beat cancer got the experience of a lifetime — all thanks to the America's Got Talent judges and host.

Through Make-A-Wish Philadelphia and the Susquehanna Valley chapter, Rosalyn, of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, got to live out her dream of auditioning for AGT.

"Rosalyn would like to tell everyone that it was amazing to go on America's Got Talent, and everything was unreal," her mom Emily tells PEOPLE exclusively after the special event.

Diagnosed at age 3 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Rosalyn spent years going through daily hospital visits for spinal taps, IV chemo, and daily at-home chemo medication. However, she recently went into remission after completing her last treatment in March.

Along her journey, Rosalyn's wish was to sing the Avril Lavigne song that inspired her as she went through treatment on AGT. Last month, it finally happened — and PEOPLE has an exclusive look at the heartwarming moment.

6-Year-Old Rosalyn Performs for America's Got Talent Judges for Her 'Make-A-Wish' https://wdrv.it/9e0743917
America's Got Talent 

Before taping the live show, Rosalyn met up with the judges and was gifted a signed AGT t-shirt from judge Howie Mandel, as well as Barbie dolls from Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell.

"She was surprised to receive all the gifts but excited to start playing with them!" Emily tells PEOPLE of her daughter's gifts.

When asked by Mandel who her favorite judge was in the clip, Rosalyn pointed to Vergara, who proceeded to hug her. "You have such good taste, little girl," Vergara joked.

Klum later gave Rosalyn a high-five after asking if she was her second favorite judge. "I am the second!" Klum proudly cheered after Rosalyn confirmed the ranking.

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For her audition, host Terry Crews introduced Rosalyn as "a star in her own world," saying, "we love her so much."

Rosalyn then walked up to the microphone and immediately cued the music to play. The judges waved their hands back and forth in time as she performed a powerful rendition of Lavigne's "Warrior."

After her performance, the judges and Crews stood up with an enthusiastic round of applause and feedback. "I can't say that I liked it, I loved it!" screamed Klum.

6-Year-Old Rosalyn Performs for America's Got Talent Judges for Her 'Make-A-Wish' https://wdrv.it/9e0743917
america's got talent

"You're the most amazing singer I have ever heard!" Mandel said, while Vergara added that Rosalyn was "the best act of the night" and she was "gonna be a star."

But the positive feedback wasn't the only thing Rosalyn received — the young girl also received the coveted Golden Buzzer from Cowell himself.

"At times like this, I have to touch something gold. And I'm gonna give you the Golden Buzzer!" he said, before reaching into a small box and throwing gold confetti around Rosalyn.

"I'm gonna make a prediction: the winner of AGT 2027 is Rosalyn," he added. "Remember where you heard it, that was brilliant!"

Cowell later gifted Rosalyn the box of gold confetti to take home, and had her pinky promise that she would return to AGT. He even asked her to help him judge as she sat on the panel during auditions for the live show.

"You've gotta help me. I'm not very good at this, particularly when it's live," he told Rosalyn, who credited her impressive performance to "lots of practice."

Before she left, Rosalyn snapped a photo with all four judges and Crews.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the sweet moment, Rosalyn's mom says, "The wish was important to Rosalyn because she loved the show and singing."

"She felt nervous but loved singing in front of the judges," she continues. "So when Howie told her she was the best singer in the world, she was surprised!"

Later that afternoon, Rosalyn and her mom got a chance to sit in the audience and watch the acts perform on the AGT stage. "The best part for Rosalyn was watching all of the acts," Emily says. "Her favorite acts were Duo Rings, Freckled Zelda and Chapel Heart!"

With her daughter's wish officially granted, Emily emphasizes: "I want to point out that this is what donations to Make-A-Wish help accomplish, once-in-a-lifetime experiences - dreams for children."

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