The couple has been performing together – and dating – for 15 years
Credit: Vivian Zink/NBC

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker made the America’s Got Talent judges gasp in the wrong way after a stunt went wrong.

During a live performance on the reality competition show, the Canadian stuntman was shot in the throat by a flaming arrow. Walker was aiming to hit a small target attached to a long rod Stock had swallowed, but shot too low.

Stock blamed the mishap on an equipment error, writing on his Facebook page: “This was not Amber’s aim that was the problem. Her laser sight was on target. It appears as though the notch holding the arrow broke and sent the arrow sideways. Fortunately because of how it hit, it wasn’t at full power and I walked away with a minor injury.”

The death-defying act isn’t the first time Stock and Walker have tested the limits. Find out more about the engaged stage partners below.

1. The couple met at a carnival in 2001.

Stock and Walker have been performing together and sharing their lives since their paths crossed in 2001.

The pair were both working as performers at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, where Stock was entertaining crowds as a sword swallower and Walker was giving out balloons.

“I found her dressed as a fairy, crying in an alley,” Stock told the AGT judges when he introduced their act. Turns out, her magician boyfriend had just broken up with her.

“I hired her as my assistant, and we’ve been together 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the last 15 years,” Stock explained.

2. Stock and Walker starred in a Discovery Channel show called Guinea Pig.

Stock and his fiancée traveled around Canada and the United States performing limit-pushing stunts involving electrical shocks, automobile crashes and intentional poisoning, all in the name of science.

The show premiered in 2007 and, though it is no longer in production, still airs in many countries.

3. Stock was a member of the traveling Jim Rose Circus.

AGT wasn’t the stuntman’s first brush with reality television.

Stock was featured on the 2003 reality series The Jim Rose Twisted Tour, where performers auditioned for the modern-day sideshow. He became a regular act in the circus under the stage name Rupert.

“I started by doing magic tricks and just weird things like that,” Stock explained on the show. “Ended up learning how to juggle, learning how to balance things, balloon animals, fire-breathing, and it spiraled from there. Now whatever I can learn, I learn it.”

4. Stock currently holds five Guinness world records.

The daredevil holds world records for numerous stunts and obscure skills including the records for “heaviest vehicle pull by a sword swallower,” “heaviest vehicle pulled using a hook through the nasal cavity and out of the mouth,” “most drink can tops torn off with the teeth,” “most blowtorches extinguished on the tongue in one minute” and “heaviest weight lifted by hooks in the forearms.”

5. They claimed in the past that they never suffered an injury from their stunts.

In a 2012 interview with The Vault magazine, Stock and Walker credited their lack of harmful accidents to their scientific approach.

“The science aspect is really important,” said Walker. “Guinea Pig aside, everything we do for our stage show is researched scientifically. We’re one of the only freak/side/stunt shows that is full time and we’ve never had an injury, and the majority of them have.”

“The whole show is about science,” said Stock.”“That’s what makes it different from being Jacka–. Doing stupid shit is nothing new, it has been around forever, but adding the science to it is what makes it easier to watch. You can watch somebody get hurt, but you can learn something at the same time.”

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