Meet the 11 Finalists of 'America's Got Talent: All-Stars'

As the AGT: All-Stars finale nears, PEOPLE has an exclusive look at the 11 acts competing to be the best of the best

AGT All-Stars
America's Got Talent: All-Stars. Photo: Trae Patton/NBC
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Aidan Bryant

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Aeralist Aidan Bryant was first introduced to AGT fans in season 16. Though he made it all the way to the finale, he ultimately lost to magician Dustin Tavella.

This time around, the self-taught aerialist was determined to take home the prize. The 18-year-old's focus clearly resonated with viewers, leading him to earn the superfan vote during the Jan. 9 episode.

"To be in the finals means that all my hard work since I was 14 years old, practicing in the backyard in the tree has paid off," Bryant tells PEOPLE. "To be in the top 11 of the finals, of the best of the best AGT worldwide is incredible and I feel that I am ready to win this time."

"When I came in second place on season 16, I never dreamed that I would make it that far, but now I feel like this is my second chance to prove to the world that I have gone from an amateur to a professional aerialist," he adds.

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Aidan McCann

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

13-year-old magician Aidan McCann first competed on Britain's Got Talent in 2020. After taking the stage for the Jan. 23 episode — and wowing the crowd with a mesmerizing act that included some coloring and two superhero outfits — McCann earned Heidi Klum's Golden Buzzer and a place in the AGT: All-Stars finale.

"I didn't expect it at all! This is AGT: All-Stars, every act is so brilliant, so when Heidi pressed the Golden Buzzer, I actually had to tap my leg to check I wasn't dreaming!" McCann told PEOPLE after the exciting moment.

Though he's one of the youngest acts on the show and the youngest to compete in the finale, McCann does not find consider that a disadvantage. In fact, he has high hopes of winning the whole thing.

"I think in AGT, age doesn't really matter — the expectation is that you are really good at what you do. As this is the All-Stars, everyone is really amazing at what they do!" he shared. "For the finals, I plan to step it up by making my act more magical, more mind-blowing and to add in plenty of Irish humor!"

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Ana Maria Mărgean

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Mărgean won Romania's Got Talent in 2021, thanks to her impressive ventriloquism skills that she picked up during the COVID lockdown after watching AGT winner Terry Fator perform online.

For AGT: All-Stars, Mărgean impressed with her rendition of "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore beside her puppet, and later earned the superfan vote, which sent her into the finale.

"Moving into the finals is simply WOW, I can only be grateful and proud at the same time, to share the stage with another 10 amazing talents is surely an unbelievable experience," she tells PEOPLE. "This experience is a dream coming true and I feel like the luckiest person on Earth; not long ago all those were only dreams, now [it's] becoming [a] reality."

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Avery Dixon

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Saxophonist Avery Dixon was introduced to viewers during season 17 of AGT, where he earned host Terry Crews' Golden Buzzer after sharing his story of resilience.

This time, Dixon returned on Jan. 16 with a powerhouse performance to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, winning the superfan vote in the process and sending him straight to the AGT: All-Stars finale.

"I would be remiss if I did not thank the superfans for believing in me and voting me into the finals," the 22-year-old tells PEOPLE. "Being the in the finals will allow me to show the world the new and improved Avery Dixon!"

"I am so grateful to compete in one of the planet's most extraordinary shows and return to something I have always loved," he adds.

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Bello Sisters

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

The Bello Sisters wowed from the minute they stepped onto the AGT stage in season 15. The acrobat trio made it to the finale, but ultimately fell short of the winning title.

After returning to AGT: All-Stars and delivering a thrilling performance, the sisters won the superfan vote, sending them into the finale.

"Being in the finals means the world to us, for us it's more than just the finals of a show; standing with the best 10 acts in the world is a sign of accomplishment and proof that if you work hard you can really accomplish any dream you have. We feel grateful to be able to live such an incredible experience," the sisters tell PEOPLE.

"We know that the acts here are the best of the best so even trying to imagine what it would mean to actually win gives us goosebumps," they add. "Winning this competition means so many things, it would not only mean to fulfill our dream to be in Vegas and to be globally recognized but to also fulfill the dream of our 8-generation acrobatic family too. It would also really show the strength of us women performing an act which men usually perform and still succeeding no matter what people say or think."

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Detroit Youth Choir

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Detroit Youth Choir left their mark during their run on AGT in season 14, where they earned Terry Crews' Golden Buzzer but ultimately came in second place to singer Kodi Lee.

Led by artistic director/president Anthony White, the group of talented kids, ranging from ages 8 to 18, were ready to make the most of their second chance, delivering a powerful performance to Imagine Dragons' "Thunder" on the Jan. 9 episode.

The routine was so good that Crews pressed his Golden Buzzer, yet again, for the choir.

"He is a big supporter of what we do and he's one of the best judges, or hosts, that AGT ever had if you asked me," White told PEOPLE after the big moment. "We just love him so much."

With another chance at the title, White says the group is ready to bring the victory home to Detroit.

"We wanted to really make a statement," he shared. "We just want people to know that DYC is here and that we're present. And pretty much we will never be going anywhere, no time soon."

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Kodi Lee

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Kodi Lee has become one of the most well-known acts in the history of AGT after he captivated audiences during season 14, where he earned then-judge Gabrielle Union's Golden Buzzer and went on to win the entire competition.

Along with his unforgettable vocal talents, Lee's life story has made him a fan favorite. The 26-year-old singer was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, making him blind, and diagnosed with autism at age 4. Due to this, his mother Tina often accompanies him on stage — including during his AGT: All-Stars return on Feb. 6, where he earned the final superfan vote.

"I never ever imagined him being where he is today, and that's amazing. I really don't even have the words for how that makes me feel, other than he's a blessing," Tina told PEOPLE. "It makes me feel like he is an angel on this earth, here to change the world."

As Lee prepared for the finale, he had one message for fans: "I've been working really hard. I'm an AGT superstar. And if you keep working really hard, anything's possible."

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Light Balance Kids

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Light Balance Kids first competed on AGT in season 14, modeling their high-tech dance group after their mentors Light Balance. They made it to the finale but did not advance to the top 5.

For their return to the AGT: All-Stars stage, the Ukrainian dance group delivered a show-stopping number on Jan. 2 that ended with judge Howie Mandel giving them his Golden Buzzer — the season's first — and a glimmer of hope during a time of war in their home country.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the moment, Maryna Zaitseva, Mariia Honiukova and Darya Cherepakha of Light Balance Kids said earning the buzzer "helped us to forget, for a moment, all the fears and suffering our country and compatriots are experiencing now."

"It was one of the biggest moments of pure joy and happiness in our lives," the group said. "Everyone was just over the moon. Since February 24, 2022, we all fled from war to different countries so AGT: All Stars gave us this opportunity to get together and perform as a team again... It's such happiness to be able to come back to [a] normal life, see each other and dance together again."

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Mike E. Winfield

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

Comedian Mike E. Winfield first competed on season 17 of AGT, where he impressed the judges and even earned himself an offer from judge Howie Mandel to open for him at his comedy show. Despite that, Winfield didn't win the competition.

Returning with a renewed sense of confidence on the Jan. 16 episode of All-Stars, Winfield quickly proved he was meant to be there, earning judge Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the "incredibly surreal" moment, Winfield said he was on cloud nine, especially as he became the first comedian to receive Cowell's Golden Buzzer. (He's also the second comedian to earn a Golden Buzzer on AGT; the first was handed out in season 10 to comedian Drew Lynch by Mandel.)

"Here's the thing: I didn't just get a Golden Buzzer. I got the biggest Golden Buzzer you can get ever," he said. "And on top of that, I find out moments after, I'm the only comedian on America's Got Talent to ever get [Simon's] Golden Buzzer. It just feels like, in this moment, I thought my life was already changed, but now it's solidified."

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Power Duo

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

The aerialists and real-life couple won Philippines Got Talent in 2016.

With one victory already under their belt, and after earning the superfan vote during the Jan. 23 episode, the pair now have their sights set on the AGT: All-Stars title.

"We want to win... that is our mindset now since we are here in the finals," they tell PEOPLE. "It's our dream to be part of the show to represent our country and bring pride to our countrymen on the biggest AGT talent stage. Here we are, we are living our dream."

"We want to give our best to win, not only for all the Filipinos but also to our new supporters who cheer and motivate us. For our family and friends, and our Dance Teacher/Manager Giyanne Zamora, who trained and believed in our talent since the beginning and made us who we are now," they add. "Most especially, this is for our son Javin. We want to inspire more people because what the world needs now is love and love conquers all."

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Tom Ball

11 finalists competing in the AGT: All-Stars finale credit is: Joe Schmelzer
Joe Schmelzer

A finalist on season 15 of Britain's Got Talent, Tom Ball's impressive rendition of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel ultimately caused Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, as well as host Terry Crews, to hit their Group Golden Buzzer.

"I was absolutely over the moon!" Ball told PEOPLE after the exciting moment.

With his eyes on the prize, Ball, a schoolteacher, hopes to win the competition and pursue singing as a full-time career.

"Teaching will always be a big part of my life, but I do have a dream to tour the world and pursue my passion for singing," he shared. "Hopefully, I will end up recording some songs to release in the future... I would love to collaborate with Gregory Porter, his music has a large influence on my life."

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