By People Staff
August 27, 2009 12:00 AM

Defeat can be so bitter, especially for unlucky Mia Boostrom, who, despite a strong performance Tuesday, was eliminated for the second year in a row on Wednesday’s results show for America’s Got Talent. She waged a campaign of not knowing when to quit, but the disappointment showed on her face when the tough call of the night went in favor of Erik and Rickie, a pair of mini professional dancers, who were too cute for words. Whether it was this week’s matador number or something simpler, they bring a cool seriousness to the stage.

Another standout act came from kids, the bright and shiny EriAm Sisters. They were pulled in right away for a showdown with honky-tonk dark horse Drew Stevyns. Both strong contenders — EriAm with their cute rainbow socks and Drew with his Varsity Blues buzz-cut — and neither would be easy to let go.

That’s when Nick Cannon pulled a fast one. The girls and Stevyns were catapulted into the semifinals, and it didn’t take long for Stevyns and Piers Morgan to jump on Cannon for the trick. (Cannon said it wasn’t his idea.)

The next round of eliminations was particularly brutal as three weak acts were sent home in one fell swoop. An overwhelmed Pam and her dog scurried from the stage. The African High Flyers looked shaken up but tried to put their best face forward. And Bollywood dancers Isharaa finished behind Recycled Percussion, and were sent packing.

Tell us: Did America and the judges make the right decision?