August 13, 2009 12:00 AM

It was decision time on America’s Got Talent as the great and the simply so-so found out who would head to the semi-finals. As it turns out, the judges — particularly the iron fist of Piers Morgan — had quite an influence on how the audience voted at home. Here are the five winning acts who will join last week’s top 5 (Acrodunk, Drew Thomas Magic, Kevin Skinner, Grandma Lee and Arcadian Broad), who were already sent through.

The Voices of Glory: Since the audition, the trio of young gospel singers has been picked as an act to watch. Their harmonies are as uplifting as their dedications to their mother Felicia who’s been sitting in the audience. Sibling rivalry may be brewing with the youngest, Nadia, picked by judges Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff and Morgan as the star while her older brothers Michael and Avery looked on in support.

Fab 5: A contender from the beginning, this group of five sisters, who are now mothers, from a dairy farm in Utah, is a meat-and-potatoes act of thrilling tap-dancing. Their chemistry is really the main event. With arms draped around one another as they perform, they are the bouncy audience favorite.

Paradizo Dance: A textbook example of a high-flying Vegas dance and acrobatics, David and Zoe‘s advantage is their technical ability. The downside? Not a tremendous amount of personality beyond their real-life relationship. (The newlyweds became engaged while on tour with their show at the Taj Mahal.) But look for them to be strong contenders in the coming week.

Tony Hoard & Rockin’ Rory the Ultimate Air Dog: A squeaker that almost finished sixth, this Frisbee-catching dog act will have to step up if they are to advance. They’re cute but it’s still just a dog catching things. The judges scolded Tony that they didn’t even get that right. Surely, Charles DeWayne, a singer who just missed the cut, couldn’t have been thrilled to finish behind a jumping dog. Even Morgan promised “scandal” DeWayne didn’t advance.

The Texas Tenors: While Osbourne lusted after the Marcus with blond hair and perfectly white teeth, the cowboys from the Lone Star State made the audience swoon with their country-meets-classical tunes. Their raw talent may come up short, but the trio may be about to hit their stride — just in time to ride off into the sunset as winners. –Nicholas White

Tell us: Who are your favorite acts in the top 10? Who needs to go?

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