On the show's 25th anniversary, creator Vin Di Bona looks back on two iconic videos


America’s Funniest Home Videos celebrates its 25th anniversary Wednesday, and producers of the show talked to PEOPLE about the clip that kick-started the viral revolution, as well as AFV‘s most popular video of all time.

Where It All Began

Vin Di Bona created America’s Funniest Home Videos as a one-off special back in November 1989. When the show began its series debut on Jan. 14, 1990, original host Bob Saget introduced this diving board blunder.

Long before AFV became ABC’s longest-running prime time show, its first-ever video is indicative of all the pratfalls and unexpected twists the series would take over the course of the next two and a half decades – especially when a participant makes a point of asking, “Did you get that on tape?”

Quad Squad

Since it first aired in 2001, “the ”Quad Squad’ is perhaps AFV‘s most iconic and loved video,” says executive producer Michele Nasraway. “It’s certainly our winningest, having taken home $385,000 in total cash prizes over the years.”

“The biggest thrill for any Dad is to get their kids to giggle,” Di Bona explains. “This clip hits on all four barrels.”

Most impressive among the clip’s huge haul? The $250,000 cash prize for Allison and Steve Mathias’s quadruplets, whose infectious laughter helped the home video score the distinction of the show’s “Funniest Video of All Time” in 2006. Longtime AFV host Tom Bergeron presented the check to identical sisters Anna, Emily, Grace and Mary Claire.

Soon, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno would come calling, and the family starred in the Discovery Health Channel documentary Super Quads.

Nasraway sums up why “Quad Squad” is an AFV all-timer: “[It] gets to the heart of what America’s Funniest Home Videos is and has been for 25 years – a glimpse of families laughing and making families around the country laugh.”

America’s Funniest Home Videos airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.